We Heard the Heavens Then is a memoir of a boy in revolutionary Iran.  Seen through the eyes of a ten year old with unusual access to the two poles of his society – modern and traditional – the tale recounts the rising tension, collision, and eventual fallout of the split.

We Heard the Heavens Then was released by Simon & Schuster in April 2012.


Publisher’s Weekly: “Top 10 Memoir” of Spring 2012

A Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection

Kirkus Reviews: “New Excellent Memoirs”


“Minu-Sepehr vividly captures the intense yearning and bewilderment of childhood as he, like a modern-day Shahrazad, unravels a rich and unforgettable tapestry of true-life stories set in a country on the verge of revolution.”

– Mira Bartók, author of New York Times bestselling The Memory Palace

“An intelligent, witty, honest and hilariously funny, but also heartbreaking memoir. A remarkable book written by a brilliant writer. A great read.”

– Fadhil al-Azzawi, author of The Last of the Angels

“Minu-Sepehr recalls a defining moment in his country’s history, a moment that sums up the tension between secular and religious, West and East until today. The politically astute should investigate.”

– Barbara Hoffert, President of the National Book Critics Circle

“In his down-to-earth childhood memoir of Iran just before, during and after the revolution, Minu-Sepehr catches precisely the pulse of a country as it appears to hurl itself headlong into the abyss.”

– Salar Abdoh, author of The Poet Game and Opium